Social & Environmental Responsibility – what do we do?

Since taking over the business in 2007 we have been continually reviewing how we can lessen the impact we have as a business on the environment and also reviewing the impact we have on society at a wider level. Having recently published our very first “Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility Statement” we thought this a good time to reflect on all the actions we have taken to date.

In the area of consumables & packaging we have since 2009 been sourcing products from a firm called London Bio-Packaging, the UK’s leading supplier of compostable and recyclable packaging. We now source the following products:
• Coffee cups made with paper from sustainably managed forests and coffee carriers made from recycled pulp paper
• Wooden picnic cutlery and coffee stirrers
• Paper napkins made from 100% recycled materials
• Compostable cardboard sandwich wedges
• Bio-plastic compostable deli pots and we also offer customers a discount for re-using them

We are also committed to using printer paper that is 100% recycled and in June 2012 introduced Pallant “bags for life”.

In October 2009 we invested in low energy lighting throughout shop, office, kitchen and store rooms; making an estimated annual saving of 2.0 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. As a small independent shop we also naturally support local suppliers and employ locally, thereby reducing mileage and energy use.

In 2012 we reduced our total waste by a massive 25% simply by deciding to stop using one of our waste disposal bins and better adopting the principles of reduction, re-use & recycling, this consisted of:
• Introducing bins for separating out paper/card/recyclable plastic and providing these in our office and on the shop floor for staff
• All bubble wrap separated out and either re-used in-house or given away to local shops to re-use
• Plastic buckets & trays given away to local fishermen and painters/decorators
• Large glass jars given away to local antique shops
• Polysytrene boxes stored and given away to local suppliers that may need them

We now recycle all of our cardboard & paper and plastics where possible. Plus any oil that is drained off from products on our deli counter is recycled via A&B Oil.

Our timeline of actions in terms of Environmental Management runs as follows:
• Attended on 31st Jan 2012 the UTILISE one-day utility management workshop, run by West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership, to help identify areas for environmental improvement and cost savings.
• This then led us on 20th March 2012 to join the South East Business Carbon Hub and complete an initial assessment of our annual carbon footprint (estimated at 37.13 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent for 2011).
• Then on 23rd May 2012 we attend the STEM (Steps to Environment Management) Blue level certification course.
• In the Summer of 2012 we started drafting our very first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Policy Statement and had it reviewed by the West Sussex Sustainable Business Partnership.
• This policy was then publicly launched on our website in January 2013.

With respect to animal welfare we are committed to using only pole & line caught tuna in our sandwiches and also free-range chicken wherever possible. Our eggs all free-range and organic, and our mayonnaise for sandwiches is made with free-range eggs. Our roast turkey is also barn-reared from English farms and we do not sell force-fed foie gras products.

We are strong supporters of the fair trade movement and use Fairtrade sugar sachets for takeaway drinks while all takeaway coffees are made with Fairtrade coffee. We also sell a selection of Fairtrade coffees and teas plus various Fairtrade and ‘fairly traded’ wines.

Going forward we will be looking into achieving Silver STEM certification (Steps to Environment Management) and also more closely measuring our energy usage to see where savings can be achieved.

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