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Cheese Wedding Cakes

We are able to supply a wide range of whole cheeses suitable for creating the perfect wedding cheese cake. We are also happy to quote for supplying fresh artisan breads, cheese biscuits and a selection of pickles & chutneys.

We recommend approximately 70g-100g of cheese per person which normally cost around £2.75 to £3.00 per head. Cakes will need to be assembled and decorated by yourself, your florist or caterer.

Orders should be placed at least 4 weeks in advance and a deposit will be requested of around £50. Please speak to us about delivery options should you be unable to collect the cheeses yourself.

Please do visit us at the shop for samples and tastings; it is often best to phone in advance to arrange a suitable time to ensure we have someone on-hand to spend some time with you. We normally suggest a variety of cheeses to meet all tastes – hard/creamy, strong/mild, blue, goat’s etc. You may also wish to consider vegetarian options and pasteurised cheeses.Cheese wedding cake

Some suggestions include the following, with estimated weight & cost:

Cake base & lower layers

Olde Sussex Cheddar   4kg   £120

Charlton Cheddar (1/3 truckle)  3.4kg     £85

Cornish Yarg       3.2kg     £90

Black Bomber Cheddar (in black wax)     3kg         £85

Cropwell Bishop Stilton (1/3 truckle)       2.4kg     £60

Brie de Meaux  3.25kg   £85

Middle layers

Brighton Blue     3.6kg     £110

Ashdown Forrester’s Smoked    2.3kg     £65

Manchego          2.6kg     £85

Villarejo (Rosemary coated Manchego) 3kg         £115

Godminster Organic Vintage Cheddar (in burgundy wax) 2kg £65

Wild Garlic Cornish Yarg 1.7kg     £50

Ticklemore (goat’s milk)    1.5kg     £55

Sharpham Brie  1kg         £35

Barkham Blue    1kg         £35

Camembert        800g       £25

Waterloo (soft cow’s milk cheese)           0.75kg   £25

Wigmore (sheep’s milk)                0.75kg   £30

Brillat Savarin     500g       £18

Top layer & decorative cheeses

Coeur de Neufchatel (heart shaped)      200g       £4.95

Petit Langres (medium to strong)             200g       £4.95

Petit Chaource (mild cow’s milk cheese)               200g       £6.25

Belle de Sancerre (goat’s milk)   200g       £7.95

Godminster Organic Cheddar (heart shaped)      400g       £12.95

All cheeses are whole unless otherwise stated. Prices correct at February 2019. Actual costs may vary as all weights estimated.

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